Game Rules

Our Game Rules

– Ball Size for all divisions will be 28.5’

-Game Times for all Divisions: Four 11-minute quarters, clock stops for free throws and last 2 minutes of the game

Beginner: Defense will start at half-court; full court defense only in last 5 minutes of game
Intermediate Division: Defense will start at half-court, full court defense only in last 5 minutes of game
Experienced Division: Any defense can be played, full court defense can be applied at any time

-Substitutions at dead ball, check in at scorer’s table – NO substitution rules, however all players will play 20+ minutes a game on average

-Timeouts – Each team will have 1 timeout in first half, and 2 timeouts in 2nd half, and 1 timeout in OT

-Overtime – If game is tied, there will be a 2-minute OT period. If game is still tied after 1st OT, it will be sudden death

Free Throws: Beginner division will shoot from 10 feet, all other divisions will be from standard line

Fouls: 6 Fouls and a player is considered “fouled out” and may not return to game. One & One Bonus starting at the 7th team foul in each half; Double Bonus starting at the 10th team foul in each half

Technical Fouls: 1 shot + possession of the ball

Our Core Beliefs

Complete Fiercely Leave every ounce of energy you have on the court. Play like there is no tomorrow.
Respect and Love Respect your opponent and congratulate them after the game no matter the result. Love and support each other understanding everyone is at different points in their basketball journey.
Friendship Build bonds and trust that will last a lifetime.
Leadership Take what you learn on the court and apply it in your every day life. Apply your work ethic, competitive spirit, and teamwork to the classroom so you can one day be ready for the board room.

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